Sam Pillsbury: Producer and Director.

May, 2013. I just finished producing a job for SPM Advertising in Chicago. The project included three :30 commercials, a 2:00 video, four :60 radio spots, four print ads and two outdoor billboards plus fifteen interactive videos. Whew! All of this for The University of Kansas Hospital and Cancer Center in Kansas City with Joan Allen as on-camera Spokesperson. 

It was interesting to work with the surgeons who perfected various operating techniques. They helped us figure out how to portray these techniques on-camera.  I held an artificial heart valve in my hands! We shot with the real doctors, nurses and technicians in operating rooms and clinical labs throughout the hospital. This is a wonderful hospital. A friendly atmosphere of caring pervades from the surgeons who run the place to the parking attendants who help patients out to their cars. I saw a doctor in scrubs notice an elderly patient who looked a little lost and guide her across the lobby. 

Where I Work. My office is in the fxphd space at Hootenanny Edit in Chicago. Late last summer I produced and directed a package of spots for Network Health for Hootenanny and have some more spots for Network Health coming up. This was Hootenanny's first time out as production company/edit house. 

I shoot technical motion picture footage for fxphd.com, the online school of special efx, motion picture production and post production, based in Sydney, Australia. One of the great things about my affiliation with fxphd has been taking fxphd courses.

Where I Used to Work. Previously, I was an ad agency producer. I worked at Bates, New York, DDB Chicago, Ogilvy Chicago and New York and David N Goliath, LA.

I was VP Executive Producer on the Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch Beer, McDonald's and JCPenney accounts.

I was the founding Creative Director of the Budweiser Quality account. I wrote, produced and/or directed dozens of Budweiser Quality commercials.

I've produced and directed throughout my career. 

With a background in photography, I shoot when appropriate. 

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